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Local COVID-19 tracking and safe contact tracing. Do your part. Learn more.

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Fight COVID-19 by staying safe and informed.

Introducing SafeTrace on Citizen — your daily app for staying informed, safe, and protected from COVID-19. Get up-to-date information about the virus on the state, city, and county levels, and get notified when you’ve been in contact with someone who tests positive.

Download and enable SafeTrace on Citizen

What is contact tracing?

Contact tracing is a proven method of identifying people who have had contact with an infected person and immediately notifying them to self-quarantine and get tested. When done quickly and thoroughly, it works to contain the virus.

Leading health organizations including the CDC and WHO have said that in order to manage COVID-19, help put an end to lockdowns, and get the economy back on track, we need a coordinated system of contact tracing, expanded testing, and widely adopted social distancing. 

Our contribution to that system is SafeTrace, a sophisticated and private digital contact tracing system. Opt into SafeTrace to get updated on COVID-19 in your local area and to get notified when you come in contact with someone who tests positive.

We all know that contact tracing is critical to stopping the spread of COVID-19. With more than 330 million people in the United States we need both digital and manual contact tracing working together to be timely and effective. At the same time, protecting people’s privacy is important and at the core of our beliefs. For this reason, we’ve been working tirelessly on a system that will respect privacy and help keep people safe so our country can safely reopen.

Andrew Frame

Founder and CEO of Citizen

Start today.

Opt in by enabling Bluetooth.

Your Bluetooth information will be used in conjunction with GPS location data to determine nearby contact with other SafeTrace users. All data is encrypted.

Get alerted when you need to get tested.

If you’ve had meaningful contact with somebody who later tests positive for COVID-19, you’ll get a notification to get tested. If you test positive, anyone you’ve been in contact with recently will be notified.

Get directed to local testing facilities.

If you’re notified of potential exposure, you’ll be instructed to self-quarantine and get tested at a local site. 

SafeTrace works securely.

Nobody will own or profit from your data.

Citizen has never sold and will never sell your data, and that goes for SafeTrace too. Your data is yours. 

Data is private and encrypted.

All contact tracing data is private, encrypted, and is deleted after 30 days. And, if you decide to disable SafeTrace at any time, data will be deleted within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Contact Tracing?

How does Citizen SafeTrace work?

What is meaningful contact?

Is my contact tracing data safe?

Who will control this data?

Right now widespread testing is not available, how will this app work without it?

Will my name or information be shared with the health dept or any government agencies?

Will my name or information be shared with other users?

Will this only work with others who are contact tracing?

Why is Citizen doing this?

Can I turn this off? / Can I opt-out and turn off at any point?

What happens if I test positive? Will I be reported?

How do I find a test if I am notified?

For technical questions, please email us for more information.

Protect yourself and others from COVID-19.