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Privacy at Citizen

Citizen’s mission is to make your world a safer place. The same principle applies to your data. Our service depends on you sharing your location with us. By entrusting us with this information, we will not share, sell or otherwise use your data other than in the service of our mission.

Protecting you means
protecting your data

Our infrastructure was designed to securely store your data. In addition to being regularly tested and verified, we store as little personal data as needed for the shortest duration possible.

Citizen limits access to your data to a small subset of the Citizen engineering team. We have specific systems to control data access, and all access is logged and regularly audited. We perform a privacy review for all new features.

Your location only for your safety

Citizen uses your location data to route real-time safety alerts to you, like a fire in your building, an abducted child or a dangerous situation near you.

We do not sell your data to third-party service providers or government agencies. We are an independent private company and do not serve ads.

What we do share

We share videos posted publicly on the Citizen platform to news outlets in select circumstances. We do not sell these videos, and our users retain the rights to redistribute videos they create.

For more information:

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Last updated: April 22, 2024

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Last updated: April 22, 2024

Protect your world.

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