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Introducing Protect: our new, on-demand, personalized mobile protection service. Find out more.

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Introducing Citizen Protect

Welcome to the future of personal safety.

With Citizen Protect, you have instant access to help the moment you need it. Whether you’re walking home alone, meeting someone new, going for a run, or just going about your day, you’re safer with Citizen Protect.

Never be alone.

24/7 Protection

Protect Agents are available around-the-clock to address any safety concerns or monitor your surroundings–including location, audio, and video–when prompted.

Instant Emergency Response

Emergency responders dispatched to your exact location–without you having to call 911.

Citizen Incident Creation

Create public Citizen incidents when you need help from your nearby Citizen community. 

Real stories from real Protect subscribers.

🚗 Safer ridesharing

A Protect subscriber called in as she was leaving a party. Agent Ariahna made sure she got a ride share safely, and monitored her live location until she reached her destination safely.

🗺 No address? No problem.

A Protect subscriber called in disoriented and dehydrated while on a hike. Agent Aaron helped determine their exact location using their mobile phone data to coordinate an emergency response and stayed on a call with the hikers until help arrived.

🐶 Lost and found

A Protect subscriber called to report that their dog, Lucky, was missing. Agent Deanna created an incident so the Citizen community could broadcast live or comment if Lucky was spotted. The dog was found at a police station after a Citizen user left a tip in the comments.

🚶🏼A digital guardian

A Protect subscriber, an elderly man who lives alone, calls every night as he takes a stroll around his neighborhood. He has peace of mind knowing his Protect Agent has his back in case of a fall or other distress.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How does it work?

Is any in-person contact made between Protect Agents and users, or is everything virtual and remote?

Is there a free trial for Citizen Protect?

Can I get help from a Protect Agent without being on a video call?

How will you protect the location of users’ enabling live tracking?

Welcome to the future of personal safety.